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The Union of the Arat Siblings
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“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark, 10:14).
10TH DECEMBER 2008, 11:55 A.M.


The Union of the Arat Siblings

A delightful short dress shows her soft and rotund small legs. Rubicund cheeks, open hands towards the Heavenly Mother before her, that in an intimate conversation seems to face serious talks of great concern for the world. It is a cute little girl who has just turned one year on earth. On tiptoes she talks with her little Madonna. “Mommy what should we do? How can we help this humanity?” – she seems to say.
This is an emotional image published on a newspaper, a little girl who speaks to a beautiful statue of the Madonna in the garden of her house. An image that fills the heart of deep emotion and that does not need further comments. It is not the first image of this kind that we see, how many times we have noticed our children showing tenderness and praying towards pictures of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The purity of children ... their spontaneity ... they speak with the heart ... their spontaneous harmony with the manifested life... Children ... to love ... to protect... to guard... to follow... to listen... let’s look at and learn from them every day. Let’s fight for them, let’s find the strength to overcome our limitations for them, let’s find the will to sacrifice ourselves for them... for their future. For our precious children... for our wonderful children of Funima, for all the children living in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, for Italian children, for those living in Africa, for those who have chosen to be born in Asia, for those who live in Russia, for those who live in Australia, in Arab countries, in the rest of America and in the rest of the world... because everyone of them are our children, children of our own home, children of our Earth, children of our Mother, Myriam. Let’s protect the children who were entrusted to us from Heaven, those who came from our blood and those who have been brought besides us, with all the love that we can... let’s talk to them... Let us NEVER touch them for warning, not even with a finger, those are not the right methods to give them a lesson, but let us rather stop and listen, let us calm them down, let’s watch them straight in their eyes and speak with sincerity, as if we were talking to an adult because they are more mature than us. Every slap, every spank to them, even if you think it is made for love, is a new spear that pierces the heart of Jesus. Him, our beloved Master, real Man, real Companion, true Son, true Brother, true Father, Master of deep love and real Justice, spoke of them with great tenderness, great clarity and great severity... “Then little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked those who brought them. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there (Matthew 19:13-14).
At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?".
He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea”(Matthew 18:1-6).
Children are the angels that Jesus sent among us, His Angels, we must never forget this. We must be fully aware of the great, immense responsibility that we have taken as parents, by receiving the gift of protecting them. Our children do not belong to us because they belong to the Sacred Creation, to the Holy Spirit, but we have had the honour and privilege to have their custody in our hands, the custody of their precious spirits. Thus we have the duty of keeping them and let them grow guided by the universal teachings that we were given by the Christ and that the brothers of the Stars urge us to implement and follow all the time. We have the duty to bring up our children surrounded by our love, by the love of their parents, by the love of the community they live in, in a climate of serenity and peace. Let us remember that children have only the right to ask, and we as adults have only got the duty to give them. Only when we manage to do that, we can afford and have the honour to work for our Mission, to serve a just cause, otherwise everything that we do does not make any sense. First of all the heavens will ask about our presence, our primary mission next to our children. How much we have been able to give them, how much we have protected them. It is not a matter of time. It is a matter of quality. In the days of this time our children die of hunger, diseases, millions of them every day, they suffer for unspeakable violence inflicted on their little defenceless bodies by perverted and murderous adults... let us transform all the pain, sorrow and compassion that we feel for these little martyrs into love, devotion, care and attention for our children, for children near us and those who have been entrusted to us. With the feeling that every caress given to them is a caress towards children of the whole world. “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”… with the pure and spontaneous heart of a child able to be enchanted with a grass leaf or a drop of dew, leaving aside the human, often deceitful and misleading rationality, we can come close to that cross and prepare to live the Holy Communion of the Spirits dear to Christ.
In Montevideo, Uruguay during the month of November, we lived a communion in the canteen “Un rayo de Luz” with the children who came to have the daily snack-dinner, offered at the blessed tables of the pretty canteen created by Giorgio and Raul. Looked after, and managed by the dear Elena, Ariel and their sweet daughter, as well as by Chacho, Alicia, Daniel and brothers from Montevideo, Maldonado and other “Arcas ” in Uruguay. While Giorgio witnessed before the camera, operated by Sole, the improvements made at the canteen with the purchase of a boiler, a sink to wash hands, and so on… we took advantage, together with the other brothers present, to share that moment with the numerous children arrived. It was a joy to be among them, rejoicing with them while they got ready for the communion at the canteen, joking and laughing with them while they watched their faces, their expressions in the photographs just taken... diving into their smiles full of life ... into their eyes full of hope ... all different in their eyes , but each of them unique in its beauty... mirrors of infinite love... sublime purity... like pearls laid on top of the mud of this absurd and ungrateful society.
A communion lived in the headquarters of “Un punto en el infinito” during the last meeting at the “Arca” before departing heading to the city of Rosario... Giorgio’s words on the responsibility of the “Arcas ” of this land which represents his second home, a beacon of light, landmark, strength for all of the Arcas of Latin America... recommendations of a father to his children for the next few months waiting for his return... for the journey ahead becomes increasingly steep, intense and full of greater responsibility... his greeting, our greeting to the dearest brothers of Montevideo, Maldonado, Fray Bentos, which are all brothers of the blessed land of Uruguay... and then bread and wine blessed by the Living Chalice... the seal of those signs that lead us inevitably before the sublime transcendent value of the cross, to its profound meaning... to His feet... we got close to the bread and wine and those indelible moments, carved over time, sprang once again to our minds... Jesus-Christ. That divine face of a fascinating and unsurpassed beauty, the tall body, of a regal majesty, impossible to compare, magnificent, proud and solemn, able to radiate such a divine beauty and strength to charm the elements of nature to kneel before Him, to His obedience... During the last supper with his apostles, he took the bread with his enchanting hands, pronounced the blessing, broke it and gave it to them saying: “Take it, eat it; this is my body.” Then he took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, saying: “Drink it, because this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many, to redeem the sins. I tell you the truth, I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it anew in the kingdom of God."… He is among us. The profoundness touched us to tears. The union of our spirits haloed by the dazzling light of His Love. Nothing can give us a joy and a greater sense of achievement. So we prepared to live bringing each of them inside our heart.
We arrived in Rosario for the gathering of all the Arcas of Argentina, before the departure of Giorgio and ours, heading to Italy, to our beloved family. Accompanying us in this journey there were Erika, Georges and the young Giorgio David. We were delighted to embrace Juan Alberto with his beloved children, Valeria, Flavia and Nicolas, to embrace Ines, Giorgina, Vanessa, Andres and all the other dearest brothers of this blessed city, a place that gave birth to a very special Arca, a young Arca full of enthusiasm and a touching fraternal love. Falling in love with the message and the messenger is important and fundamental but if one does not fall in love with his brothers seeing Christ through them, it is not possible to continue forward on the path. And we are delighted to be able to see and embrace, also, nine brothers come from Paraguay representing all the others who remained at home, yet with us with all their heart, what a great joy! And then everyone, all the others, from the various Argentinean Arcas , and the representatives of the Arcas in Uruguay, each one special and great for the Heavens and for the mission that we serve. And with the presence of the living Chalice of Christic Communion you can not but create a beautiful, deep, intense spiritual communion.
Everything is ready. The Arca Lily Mariposa from Rosario has impeccably organized everything, taking care of the smallest detail, from hosting about two hundred brothers to the whole meeting, from the charity dinner to the gathering of the Arca. Juan Alberto introduced the evening, announcing the forthcoming opening of the new Antimafia website in Argentina: “the time has come that we should stop speaking and start acting. Are we prepared to say why we are here and what we do? It is not a task too difficult, but not easy either. I can speak of the deep emotion I feel inside, which is not only due to Giorgio’s physical and spiritual presence, but also to the spiritual presence of all of you.
Thanks to all. Liliana too is present with her spirit beside him, beside her precious children, inside that “Arca” named after her, beside all of us.
Giorgio took over and started speaking before handing the microphone to Raul Bagatello: “Before introducing Raul, I wanted to tell you, ensuring you, that I shall come back in May or June and then again in the near future, God willing, if my feet will bring me and if the events will allow it. I think it will work this way. We have a surprise for Raul, we'll see it laterI, since this meeting is also dedicated to Funima, or better said to Funima’s children. “The most important thing” said Raul “is our union, we must be happy for the mission we're carrying out... Today I am happy to see so many of you and so many new faces... that give me the strength to go forward... then I am looking forward to Giorgio’s surprise…” he commented joking with him, and Giorgio started his speech to come to the heart of the meeting: “Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and the other nations of Latin America... in fact we are a single unique spiritual family, there are no nations that divide us, we love our motherlands, however, we belong to the same spiritual family, our father is Christ Jesus and the sun Adonay, who is the father of Christ himself. His spiritual body has never been seen but He manifests himself in His Son Jesus Christ”. Giorgio explained the profound meaning of the moving prayer addressed by Him to the Virgin through which it is revealed the divine essence of Our Lady, Mother and Father of mankind. “She is the Father that manifests in the form of Mother”. A prayer signed “Your children Arat Ra”. “We are all gathered here today”, said Giorgio “those who represent all the brothers engaged in the activities of “from the heavens to the earth” and all those who work for “Funima”. You too, dear brothers, are Arat Ra because you have the same genetic of mine, coming from the Cosmos, the Stars, you have been generated from God Arat Ra and the Holy Spirit, for this I call you brothers and not disciples or friends. Now you must realize this genetics with the risk of losing it too, like all missionaries that may be taken by negative forces. My mission is to unite all the called ones, all those who have the genetic GNA, that does not mean to be more important, we are part of a spiritual tribe that is responsible for preparing the second coming of Christ. It is the tribe of John the apostle, the favourite disciple, or even better it is the tribe of the two John (Baptist and the Evangelist), the two disciples of Christ who have the mission of bringing the called ones to the feet of Jesus in His second coming. This is my mission, to awaken all the Arat Ra people. This is a mission that I must accomplish to the death, You awakened have got a great responsibility, the one to protect the Light you have inside and to awaken new souls, but also a great risk In fact ou could lose this genetics. A risk that must be paid with the second death. That is why it is important to carry on working as we are doing to prevent the main enemy from dividing us. That is why I always ask for spiritual union, we must have the same objectives, we must love one another... love ... love. I feel very excited today because I feel that we are all here with love, what prevails is the love towards me and this gives to me a lot of strength for what I will have to face. This union is important, this desire to share, we must learn to overcome our differences and at the most crucial and difficult times we have to be even more united. Christ does not require us to be perfect, He knows our human miseries, He asks for our readiness to serve Him and asks us to recognise each other among us. Today’s meeting is a test through which the Heavens checks our hearts to see if we really find each other among brothers, not with the exterior, but deep inside our spirit. A test to check if we are available for the Heavens’ call. For this reason I want to thank you all, even those that couldn’t make it for human reasons, but that are spiritually present. Whereas those who did not show up for spiritual reasons will remain alone and on their own they cannot win a battle. Everyone of you has a precise role in this battle, but we all work for the Interstellar Confederation, for the brothers of the Light and for the foremost Head, who is the Christ.
We must strive for improving more and more for Him since without Him, without His sacrifice on the cross, we could not have existed. He did a great act of justice on the cross, it was not a sacrifice of love, or actually this is the consequence, but it was rather a supreme act of justice because with this act He saved the innocent ones. But if He had put into force the Supreme Justice, all of us would have incurred into the Second Death because in the most important moment of human history, two thousand years ago, we let Him being crucified because we feared to be witnesses of His execution. We were all present over there… that’s why we owe Him the spiritual life. You must never think that Christ has been weak or too merciful, because he has been just. And now He shall come back… but in a different shape… He shall return with Justice, He will come with the sword to judge. We must be testimonies of His message. He asks us to love each other, to stay united for Him and for ourselves, to evolve. The future events will try us all. That is why this union today is important, for those who are in America, Russia, Italy, Africa, we must Recognise one another… we must love, look for each other, get together… “Brother do you need me? How are you? What can we do together? Our victory is spiritual, the battle of Armageddon is a spiritual battle where Lucifer wants to conquer as many souls as possible… the union of the Arat Ra brothers rejects his presence… the union with one’s brothers… just thinking about it, living it inside your heart, repels the negative forces. It is necessary to be fed spiritually, this is one of the messages that I shall give to you today, the most important, the spiritual nourishment is indispensable among you, among the Arcas and Funima. Meeting up, talking about our mission, of the messages, of what is taking place around the world, of the manifested signs, divulging the message, not only working then and accomplishing what we must do every day, but also be nourished spiritually, amplifying our union, otherwise we could not go on. Alimenting this strength we leave outside our temple the negative forces. The temple of Christ is the human body, it is not made of stone. The master answered to the Sanhedrin and to his Apostles: “…the temple of my father is not made out of stone”. Today this place gathers our temples, that is our bodies that contain our spirits. Here it is then the meaning of the Mass, the union of the temples to live the communion of the spirits that united become one single temple. Should we not be able to do this, we will lose our genetics. This constant spiritual feeding amplifies the enthusiasm, love, without it we would fall into a temptation called spiritual tiredness that would lead us to defeat. Every meeting, every gathering organised by the Arcas is an indispensable spiritual nourishment because it develops inside us a greater and greater readiness to be at disposal. My spiritual father Eugenio Siragusa has taught me this value, he would tell me all the time: “stay together with your brothers. Stay together, overcome the human differences”. I am happy of my brothers of Buenos Aires, I am happy to be here today, I love you a lot, even if I get angry with you all the time, everybody is here, united to the family, since this is the family. Should we stay united like today, we will overcome the human weakness and will win”.
The deep words full of a vibration and a value without time and space, slip through the depth of our spirits, well known concepts, but always new to meditate and determine, improving all the time… still the Word becomes speech and the eternity and universality of those teachings come back to us with their full immensity.
The emotion marked the face of many… Giorgio went on presenting his two brothers that have always been accompanying him in the mission in Latin America: Juan Alberto Rambaldo e Raul Bagatello. “I have got two apostles in Argentina” he said. “Most of you has met me two thousand years ago, but two in particolar are two apostles that are here next to me, have accompanied me from the Galilee and obey me because they know who I am, two more are missing… anyhow the apostles were not only twelve, some where in the Sanhedrin (Nicodemo and Joseph of Arimathea), then there were Mary Magdalene, Joseph… these two apostles sat next to me know what they must do and have the same mission, with different aspects… their master is here and even if sometimes they must overcome trials, they will not split up, but will always stay together. Another apostle beside me in Uruguay is Georges Almendras, a friend of mine since almost thirty years. Together with Erika and their warrior child Giorgio David, he has taken up the responsibility of Antimafia in Uruguay, whereas Erika takes his place as representative of the Arca and of the activities “From the heavens to the Earth”. Giorgio presented in this way the preface of the great footage just finished with great professionalism by Jean George Almendras with the help of the video technician Sebastian Rodriguez, called at the microphone. “Funima” said Georges Almendras “represents part of the human condition… I have realized this video following a trip made with my son Giovanni on the Argentinean Cordillera, visiting the canteens of Funima. Some of my work dedicated to Funima is still missing, that is a book that will be published soon. Talking about Funima means talking about the action without personal interest of people that donated themselves to this mission for the children that live a great sufferance… talking about Funima is to look at the children's smile in front of a food dish… it is the affectionate value of that dish…”. Georges thanked Raul for having given him the chance to make this footage with his help and thanked Studio 3tv Uruguay. He finally said: “This video is dedicated to rich countries, to those who are not lacking anything, as well as we lack nothing…”.
The images started to roll in front of the screen, the characteristic music of the zone brought us step by step to Funima’s “body”, to the active canteens located in the various Andes sites, to the men and women that manage it, starting from Raul… it is touching to see Raul, Gaby, our brothers busy in the canteens, others in the connected activities, working day after day to support daily this great mission… and then… the children… the protagonist of this activity that, as Raul said many times, unfortunately should not exist, as on earth there should never be kids starving… and again their deep eyes… their hands cut from the cold… their look… the judgement of God upon men. “Honrar la vida… Honour life” says the song that accompanies the touching images of the faces of many children. The Funima logo and the credits ended up the intense thirty minutes of the film.
People started clapping, we raised up, in sign of devotion… thanks… gratefulness… for Raul, for the great work made until today by him and by all the components of his beautiful Funima, for our Funima International… many feelings explode inside together with that clap, that lasted many minutes, I couldn’t say how many. The thought could not refrain to go to Giovanni, representing Funima in Italy, together with Mara… and to Lorella. Giorgio cannot hold the tears thinking of Her, this very special being, pure and limpid like a crystal that has always been accompanying him in this difficult mission, lifting him up after the falls, supporting his steps, accompanying him with her look… always… Giorgio said:“…It is a physical presence that I have got in my family, like a presence of unconditional love… it is Lorella's presence… it is as if the Virgin looks at me everyday through her eyes… the mother of my son Giovanni”.
Raul takes the word: “this is an evening made to cry… I really hope that these children could live one day in a world worth living…. Funima’s mission is not mine, but is the Heavens’, I just try to do as much as possible to carry it out together with those who accompany me For this reason I shall thank this family… but today I want to thank in particular a master that helps us taking conscience and learning more and more…”.
Giorgio announced Raul and Gaby’s imminent trip to Italy during November/December, hoping that this video could make many people fall in love, helping us to collect many funds for these children.
Yet there were more emotional moments. The nice guys from Mar de La Plata near Buenos Aires donated Giorgio a short video that was immediately shown, dedicated to Life, Cosmos and to our beautiful mission around the world. Giorgio embraced happily these youngsters that today represent the young people of all the great Arcas founded around the world, full of love and passion, ready and anxious to serve this mission more and more actively.
“When life gives us some difficulties, let us remember those precious moments lived together and let’s think to the moments that we will still be able to live. Next year, during June 2009, I will turn 33 years in the mission and 20 years with stigmata on my body. Yet the battle continues, stronger and stronger.”
Giorgio went on introducing the brothers belonging to the Arca in Uruguay and Paraguay, remembering our brothers from Chile that were not able to attend physically, but that were certainly present spiritually, announcing the next trip in their country, for the following year. Then the word passed on to Erika: “I wanted to say that Funima and From the heavens to the Earth are one single thing… since Funima represents one part of Giorgio’s mission… We must develop our spirit into something practical… alimenting the wish to be united and work... therefore, as “someone” used to say, we should learn to materialise spirituality…”. Giorgio presented Anubis saying: “Anubis is my hand and eyes in all the letters that come from South America”.
“I’m happy to be here together with all the brothers… which are many, even if many couldn’t make it” said our dear Anubis that accompanied Giorgio in the great mission in Mexico during February 2006 and that, besides Erika, manages the editorial office “From the heavens to the Earth” for the whole Latin America, and continues: “thank to everybody, and above all thanks to Giorgio”.
The word then passed to the dear Chantal: “ We would like to give a present to you dear Giorgio, which is this project called Madre Tierra to honour the Virgin, that helps many children victims of paedophilia…”. Giorgio then reminded Chantal the promise that years before he made with the foundation of the association “Justice and Truth” founded by him and on the fruit that this would have brought. Chantal carried on: “I wanted to tell you, man of honour, that also we are people of honour and therefore this result is for you Giorgio. A humble work, from the first grain of sand, to all what has been done until now… I appreciated a lot what you said regarding the fact that we need to feed ourselves inside, together, and in this moment we would like to say that there is a person in Buenos Aires that is not here today, because he is installing an electrical system at la Colmena, Paraguay. This is the union in practice”. Chantal’s example fits really well, in fact Toby left during these days, his beautiful spouse Soledad and his children come to Rosario with other brothers, to reach La Colmena, sacrificing these rich and intense spiritual moments, to offer his work more useful for another arca in that moment. We must always and continuously learn from our brothers besides us. Also our dear Omar Cristaldo started talking thanking the organisation of the brothers of Rosario and carrying on with his gratefulness to Giorgio. “…with all his tiredness he carries on… we must feel that we are part of his mission, part of the work of Christ… thanks to him and to all of you for being here today and sharing all of this”.
Giorgio carried on with the presentations: “I would like to introduce you a person to whom thirty years ago I said: you must become a judge, and today here we have the judge that collaborates as antimafia journalist in Italy. Thus our brother from Paraguay Jorge Figueredo (penal judge of a Paraguayan city) started talking: “thanks Giorgio… I’ve know you for a long time… I hope not fail this mission… thanks Giorgio”. Moreover, the presentation of a dear sister of ours that Giorgio and all of us have thepleasure to meet for the first time: “…Mrs Flor that today is here with us and with which we must create an Arca in the United States where she lives and in Perù, her mother land”. “the reason for me to be here today” said Flor “is the desire to found an Arca… since the weapon against the evil… is love”.
And again, to conclude. Our dear sister Hilda, Omar Cristaldo’s wife, started talking to express all of her love feeling: “I can’t express all that I feel for you, I’ve known you for many years and my joy is ever increasing…”. Even Giovanna was present at the meeting, our beloved sister that in Buenos Aires donated us the sublime message of the celestial mother, and that today grants us words full of strength and love.
It is nice to listen. It is nice to learn, it is nice to enjoy other people’s happiness, which becomes ours too. Giorgio thanked deeply all the brothers for the help collected in favour of our mission that, in order to carry on, requires the continuous sacrifice of those who organise it in Italy as well as the spontaneous donations of the supporters. “I just wanted to tell you” said Giorgio “that my whole life belongs to Christ, not to me... and what you have done… the brothers who sacrificed and did not show up to help me… for me it has no price… but I can tell you just this: I will not fail, I will accomplish”. A warm applause greets the words of a man that embodied inside himself the value of gratefulness and people who know him, know it well.
A break gave us the chance to exchange kisses, hugs and words, as well as to have a snack with a warm drink and a sweet.
Shortly after Giorgio took the word again, announcing the next antimafia congress in Rosario, highlighting the importance of listening to Giulietto Chiesa on the crystal clear analysis of the world situation. He also pondered on the importance to support these just people around the world, as they feel pushed to carry on when they feel the enthusiasm of people around them. Then it was the time of questions from the brothers, to whom Giorgio replied with the usual wisdom and knowledge that once more restored our spirits bringing them to far away worlds.

The meeting ended with everybody’s happy hugs, and we greeted a few brothers since they had to go back home… distances are enormous there from one place to the other… there are always hours to travel! With most of them we actually met in the evening for the charity dinner organised in favour of the Work of “antimafia” and “from the Heavens to the Earth”. An evening characterised by harmony, happiness and love… the delicious dinner prepared by the association from Molise and their funny components was served to the tables by men and youngsters with funny hats, while Anita presented on the stage the singers and Argentinean musicians that perform one after the other. Then the Ave Maria sung sublimely raised our prayer to Her, Our Mother, that with Her Celestial mantle might protect Her messenger, Her Apostles and all of us, humble servants of Hers while walking on the path of this Holy Celestial Mission. A celestial Work that keeps near the called ones that will become Elect ones if they want it…
The day after, during the visit at the Arca, three of them received the Ruby that will be fixed on the golden star, symbol of the Sun, with the power to amplify our vibrations, either positive or negative. It pushes those who carry it to say an unconditional “yes”, to serve the celestial directives, serving the mission to whom they have been called. Three stars, symbols of the call to serving the tribe of John, have been donated today to Daniel, Martin and Silvia.
Men serving the Christ, his holy Mission and the one of His and our father Adonay Arat Ra, for the triumph of Supreme Justice also in this wrecked planet, so that no more tears of sufferance will be poured by the innocent ones, since every tear of a child is a new star switching off in the sky.

With profound devotion
Sonia Alea

Sant'Elpidio a Mare, 5th December 2008


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